Beyond Resolutions

I, for one, truly appreciate the reflection that New Year's brings in all it's baggaged abundance. I love that we all take a moment, even if it is just a moment, to think back and reflect upon what was, what is and what we would like to be. That, in and of itself, is what I am trying to elicit out of myself and the people I work with. 

The problem arises when we lose our perspective. We focus solely on fixing everything with anxiety-ridden 'to-do's' and goals fueled by self-flagellation. We do this Instead of working one day at a time at creating a lifestyle that feels like our specific recipe for wellness. 

Read THIS on how long it takes to create a habit.

I'm not saying that your life isn't 'fixable' or that you're never going to eat an absurd amount of chocolate, or that your yoga pants won't ever make you feel like a square peg in a round hole. I'm saying that there are waves in life, up and down. What we need to do is learn to surf. 

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So, let's create a lifestyle. No resolutions we're afraid of failing at again, no goals that we're not sure we measure up to. We're going to create a lifestyle, one day at a time. 

Welcome to Into the Woods Wellness. 

Join us as we explore each aspect of wellness:

Physical, Emotional, Sleep, Stress, Environmental, Social, and Intellectual. 

Each month we will focus on one of these aspects, working to create small, attainable, lifestyle creating goals to invoke the lifelong change that fads, crazes, and guilt fall short of. 

This month = PHYSICAL


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