Jump Around!

My wonderful clients have inspired me yet again. I had this beautiful conversation with a dear client and friend about running. She feels pressure to become a 'runner,' but in all honesty, well....she hates running. This got me thinking about that and just how often I hear, "I'm training for a half marathon. I hate it." Or "I really hate spin class, but I'm going because it kicks my butt." 

NOOOO!!!!! I know I'm showing no mercy to that dead horse just how often I beat it. (I actually hate that saying. I love horses. What the hell.) But seriously, there are just too many darn ways to move to shove yourself into some 'supposed to' bracket of exercise. Explore! Try a million different ones until you find ones you like! 

I've been in a big jump roping kick lately. Not only is it more effective than most cardio (click HERE to see why), it takes me back to a more simple, good time when I used to jump rope as a little girl with friends. Jumping for joy....ring a bell? Jumping is fun, child-like and it builds muscle, coordination, and uses all the major muscle groups. That's right, even better than running in a TON of ways.  



Jump Rope Workout for Beginners

Move 1: Basic Jump

Swing the rope over your head and jump as it passes your feet. You don’t have to jump high, just enough to clear the rope. Land evenly on both feet.

Do this for one minute, then rest for one minute.

Move 2: Alternate-Foot Jump

Swing the rope over your head and jump as it passes your feet. Land on your right foot. On the next rotation, land on your left. Continue this, as if you were running in place.

Do this for 1 minute. Rest for one minute.

Move 3: Combo Jump

Repeat the alternate-foot jump for eight turns of the rope. Next, do eight basic jumps.

Do this for one minute, rest for one minute. Repeat for one more minute. Rest one minute.

Move 4: High Step

Repeat the alternate-foot jump, but this time raise each knee to a 90-degree angle while jumping.

Do this for one minute, then rest for one minute.

Move 5: Endurance Jump

Do either the basic jump or the alternate-foot jump for 5 minutes. If you can’t keep it up that long, start by jumping for one minute, resting for one minute, and repeating for 5 sets. Aim to complete at least 600 jumps total.

Found at Realsimple.com

For some fun, cardio/weight circuits including jump roping click HERE and HERE

It's always rough at the start. Don't get discouraged. Remember to keep it playful and be o.k. with being bad at something when you're just starting. It took me a couple of weeks to really feel comfortable with jump roping when I decided to give it a whirl again .....basically hadn't touched one since 4th grade. 

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