I've been in a food funk. 

After being sick with a weird stomach 'thang,' I have had less of a desire to come home and cook. What worries me more, is my lack of desire to create my wonderful, delicious and nutrient-packed smoothies. This is saying something, as result of majority of people in my life having banned me from gloating about my smoothies ANY more times in order to protect the health of our relationship. I normally love them. I love making them. So....what's the sitch?

I have realized a magnanimous lesson (what a great word, right?), I need to simplify. Dramatically. 

I often think I need to use everything in my fridge that seems remotely usable. If I have carrots, avocado, yogurt, grapes, spinach, chard, beets,, it's a crime to not have all of that goodness in my day! Wrong. Too many chiefs, not enough indians (pardon the non-pc reference). 

After talking with a few dietician friends and other smoothie/cooking lovers, I realized my problem is trying to do too many things to create a 'full' experience.

Since I know myself, and as soon as I hit a grocery store I can't say no to ALL the possibilities, thus making me feel paralyzed with choices, I am outsourcing. 

I'm back to my MEAL PLANNING. It truly helps me simplify my grocery list, my prep work, and the meal in general. Also, I have a tendency to cook for a small army, instead of for two. This puts a lot of pressure to make it good enough to want A LOT of left overs. Bless my boyfriend's heart. Learning to simplify and cook for the two of us, using 5-7 ingredients is something I'm getting used to, but it's creating something maintainable. Ah, what another delicious word. 

I'm outsourcing my smoothies as well. I found THIS book recently and am committed to trying each delicious recipe at least once. No more cluster$*!& smoothies for me. I think my palette agrees we need to switch it up. 

Simply Simplify. New motto in my kitchen.