Words Matter Workout

I had an epiphany at yoga class.....

This happens often

There's a moment, as in most difficult yoga classes, when the teacher, if they're good, know how to help you acknowledge all those angry, difficult thoughts popping up as you hold downdog for the (seemingly) 19th minute.... She said, "you know what's funny? How often we say we can't do something while we are there doing it."

Yep. Mind Blown. 

It's so TRUE! There I am, saying I can't do the pose, while I'm doing the pose. I can't continue with this hard day, while I'm continuing on. I can't figure this problem out, while I'm there working out the problem. It's such a lie! Why do I lie to myself all the time. 

This realization has me coming back to my love for the power of words. How and What we say to ourselves matters. Instead of saying can't, while, in fact, I AM...then what? What if curiosity then took over? Well, if I in fact can, then what else is true? What else isn't true?

Utilizing the power of words helps me in all facets of life. Even when I fake telling myself "I'm Strong!" or "You're capable," the fake-it-till-you-make-it is a real thing. 

This refreshed appreciation has lead to this workout:

Pick 3-4 words that help you, motivate you, or even just use your name: 

A - 50 jumping jacks

B - 20 supine toe touches

C - 30 squats

D - 20 pushups

E - 1 min wall sit

F - 10 Burpees

G - 40 mountain climbers

H - 20 lunge pulses - each leg

  • Go into a regular lunge position - do 20 small movement pulses up and down. 

I - 50 Jumping Jacks

J - 10 leg drops

K - 30 plank-to-pike

L - 1 min plank

M - 15 inchworms

N - 20 Froggers -

  • similar to mountain climbers, but instead legs move at the same time and to the outsides of the hands (to the best of your ability). 

O - 20 jumping jack squats

P - 20 plank cross unders

Q - 20 side-to-side leg drops

R - 20 plank walks

S - 30 Side plank dips

T - 30 sumo squats

U - 40 high knees

V - 70 jumping jacks

W - 20 back extensions - holding for 5 seconds each lift

X - 15 vinyasas

  • Plank - Chaturunga (slow lowering) - Upward facing dog (open chest) - Downward dog (hips up and back).

Y - 20 leg drops

Z - Push Ups