I want to share a bit about one of the most important things I've ever learned. Intrigue, am I right?

The next 'Why the Hell Not' meet up is about cycles. For a long time I have wanted to do something around the most important relationship I've ever developed with my female body. I think we have finally created the right space and the type of format wherein this conversation is allowed to breathe. 

I first started learning about cycles when a good friend told me about a book she was reading and how dramatically it was shifting her relationship with body. I decided to give it a looksy. It's a pretty big book, so I went encyclopedia form about it, random chapters at a time. I started with the menstruation chapter. 

What I found...blew me away. How is this information not being blasted into the ears of every 5, 12, 25, and 60 year-old woman and man alive? We have this powerful, insanely intuitive system that can not only create life, but help us magnify our life beyond my wildest imagination.....and no one knows about it? WHAT?!  Not only that, we hate it! We resent that we crave junk food, get emotional, angry, tired, and bloated once a month. We resent how annoyed we are with 'little things' our partners and loved ones do. So many of us love the idea of any sort of contraceptive 'doing away' with that system all together. 

YOU GUYS!!!! It's all wrong! How we are taught to hide it, ignore it, "it's just PMS," shamefully roll it into a tissue and throw away the evidence and then apologize for any inconveniencing on the plumbing.... it's so heartbreakingly wrong.  These rhythms and cycles are not our punishment for having a vagina!


My body is tied to the moon. Yep. 28 days = me, 28 days = the moon. That same pull that controls the ocean, controls me. The vibrancy I have during ovulation allows me to win new friends, get a raise, engage an audience, connect with my partner. That internal dialogue I hear right before my cycle, that very deep voice we often mistake as PMS, that voice is me. The very hidden truth of me that I get only a small glimpse of when I go deep enough inside self. Oh, and cleansing! You want the best cleanse no juice, cayenne, or supplement can give you? Bleed. Yep, that bleeding cleanses my body WAY better than any diet cleanse crap fad could, AND it also cleanses emotionally, IF WE ALLOW IT. WTF?! How is this so misunderstood and under appreciated?

The relationship I now have with my cycle, dear ones, I cherish it. I cherish it above almost all relationships in my life. Guys, it taught me how to listen. I truly didn't know how to before. I have so much wisdom of how to take care of me, but I had never listened before. From what to eat, how to move, when to sleep, how much to say, what to say..... I have a clear voice helping me, when I let her. This cycle, it softened me somehow. It has allowed me to understand grace, the kind of surrender that energizes my every day. 

We are changing seasons, a new cycle is coming, one of internal space and reflection. PLEASE, if you have ever wanted a different relationship or at least understanding of how the female body works and is DYING to help you, please come. Let's talk, move, and listen. The power inside of, it's dying to be heard. 

And can I just say, having a partner who understands my cycles and rhythms has improved our relationship and communication astronomically. I highly recommend. 

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