Ireland, A Love Story

I haven't really known how to share my Ireland experience. I simultaneously want to keep the 'brutiful' experience all to myself and I also want to swallow every person I know, let them swim around my innards (appetizing, right?) and feel everything I've felt while in that sacred place.

Like I've said before, travel for me is about being uncomfortable and having my perspective thrown on it's 'ars,' as my Irish friends would say. This means that my trip was both amazing and terrible. I had the non-optional space to sit with some shit, but to be held in that space by one of the most effortlessly sacred places I've ever been. Ireland does something to your insides. I had heard this from a few trusted friends before going. I knew I was going on a yoga retreat, so I was trying not to be overly 'hookie' about the whole thing. But there is no other word to describe the way that land, the people, the history, the folklore, the music, the's all sacred.

This trip marked one year of a fairly tumultuous, exponential growth year for me. David Whyte, a poet who came to speak to us in Ireland (and my new major crush and hero) speaks to how Ireland held space for this anniversary of growth:

"Turn sideways into the light as they say
the old ones did and disappear
into the originality of it all.

Be impatient with easy explanations
and teach that part of the mind
that wants to know everything
not to begin questions it cannot answer."

Here's a snippet of a very poorly made/edited video I made of my trip. Enjoy