Bhakti Huh?

What is Bhakti yoga

Chanting and devotional meditation has turned into one of my favorite practices of yoga. It's like a jet plane to helping me connect and focus. For a hyper, ADHD gal such as myself, it's a huge gift. Plus, there is such beauty in sitting in the vibration of uninhibited sound coming from the heart. No pretenses of 'good voices,' or musical talent, it's about vibration, devotion, and connection. 

If you're newer to chanting or to mantra meditation, Krishna Das is one of my favorite call and answer bhakti's. He will sing a line and then you simply try and repeat. It's almost always in sanskrit (a wonderful language based off of the vibration of the words), so don't worry if you don't repeat it perfectly, your body will reap the benefits. 

So go ahead, close your blinds, put on headphones, hide in the woods, whatever you wanna do to feel like you can open your lungs and let it go. Remember to allow yourself to sit in the space you've created after you chant, it's the best part. Plus, I think it's just good for us to sing like it ain't-no-thang and do it with pride....cause it's for our health;).