Grocery Shopping = An Affair to Remember

Confession: I love to grocery shop. I love it more than is probably healthy. No pun intended

But, I do realize it is not everyone's sprinkle on their sundae to go to Sprouts Market every day to check out the new produce and gladly sample from their bins of dried figs and nuts. Surprising as it is, I do know this to be true. 

I have a hidden agenda to get all of my clients to like grocery shopping. The more you enjoy picking out your food and being apart of the process daily, the better our choices usually are. However, this is process, not a destination. Also, for many, a daily trip to the store means there's a craving that MUST be adhered to. Cravings are an interesting anxiety of the mind, not 'mindfulness,' as it can often be disguised. 

So, in the midst of creating a positive relationship with grocery shopping, I say create the most bang for your buck on your trip. I like to go to the store for specific recipes, that screams a night of scandal and good times to me;). But, I do that rarely. More often I suggest going to the store and getting things that can be used in a myriad of different ways, both cooked and uncooked. 

Here's an example of a mindful shopping list to help guide you:

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I don't necessarily think all things need to be 'non-fat.'  I usually say look more into the sugar content and the ingredient list. Few ingredients coming from names you recognize:). 

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