Crockpot Season

Question: Why have I not always been crockpotting? Crockpotting? Is that a verb? It is now, my most active verb.

Adverb to describe my new verb: I'm happily crockpotting. I'm easily crockpotting. Crockpotting is deliciously simple and just....delicious. 

I decided to finally bust out the ol gal from the depths of my pots/pans havoc. I find that situation under my counter in my cabinets to be terrifyingly mysterious. Similar to Mordor, I imagine. 

Anyway, to my heart's delight there are two knobs on my pot - on/off and keep warm/low/high. My sort of kitchen tool. I did some research and tried two recipes this week. Both use similar ingredients and both turned out great and took me less than 30 minutes to prepare. Yep, we're still benefitting from those small labors 2 days later. Cozy and fed in this freezing Utah tundra.

My go-to's: Sweet potatoes, beans, carrots, low sodium broth, garlic, celery, broth. If you have these things, you have a crockpot meal. 

First recipe we tried was found HERE. Our version was a TON of sweet potatoes, instead of rutabaga, more carrots, a bit less water, low sodium veggie broth, and the addition of curry powder and cilantro. HUGE success. 

Take two was found HERE. Lentils are awesome. I am converted to their power. I ventured out and added some fresh ginger and curry powder. Looking back I would now add a bit more salt, some cilantro and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Very delicious and so packed full of veggies and nutrient-dense comfort taste. 


It's such a simple solution to a busy schedule. Warm, delicious meals for little effort. You may put your hymnals away, I'm officially done preaching. For now;).


Rachelle BallardComment