Hey there! The upcoming month is full of so much wellness goodness, I'm giddy as a school boy;). I'm finally bringing some workshops to SLC, and I'm beyond thrilled at the time of year and the content. They're open to everyone, but space will be limited, so join us and don't hesitate on it:). 

Also, check out the Wellness Series I'm leading on Health-ful Holidays

Health-'ful' Holidays - Nutrition | Merry and Mindful Tools

Learn how to not only create original, healthy variations and alternatives to the holiday classics, but also learn how to approach your holiday meals so they don’t overwhelm and over-fill you. Come ready to cook, eat, and look at the kitchen during holidays in a different, more ‘well’ way. 

Tuesday, December 1: 5:15-6:45PM @ 383 Colorow Rd

Health-'ful' Holidays - Movement | Effiective, Efficient, and Easy

Exercise during the holidays? Do people do that? Well, we’re here to say you can and will after you learn what sort of movements not only create a healthy digestion and metabolism, but also create focus, calm and an awareness of your body. Beginners to exercise and hardcore movement addicts will all have something to learn here.

Tuesday, December 8: 5:15-6:45PM

Health-'ful' Holidays - Create Memories, Not Stress | Simple Meditation + Mindfulness for Everyone

The most stressful thing about this time of year is…well, the stress! One definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again expecting different result….so, let’s try something new this year! Meditation and mindfulness are not only for the Zen masters. Come and learn very simple tools for creating a calm, presence-filled environment for yourself and for your loved ones this holiday season. 

Tuesday, December 15: 5:15-6:45PM

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Hope to see you there:). Man, I love workshops. They're so great. You meet great people, eat good food, and the lessons you learn are always different (and in my experience better) than expected. I have been dramatically shifted by my experiences in these workshops. I can only cross my fingers that others get out of them as much as I do.

Love all you freaks and weirdos:)

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