Yoga Is For Every BODY

I'm not flexible. My hamstrings are tighter than my wallet (and that's saying somethin), and I definitely don't gracefully flow in and out of poses like a moldable piece of pretzel dough. It has taken me years of insecurity and ignorance to realize the blazingly obvious truth: it doesn't matter. 

Yoga is not about the poses, funky leggings, or mala beads draped from dreadlocks. Yoga is a philosophy, an ideology teaching us to let go of our attachments that hold us back. We are not our fear, our anxieties, our desire to stop change. Hell, we are not even our happiness or excitement. We are not our bodies. We experience those things, and what a gift to realize that there is a part of us that is always just...peace. 

Yoga poses arrived hundreds of years after yoga. The poses are merely a tool to help us get into our bodies so that we can better sit with our self, our true self. 

I feel like gaining an understanding of this principle changed everything for me. If the breath and the poses are merely a tool, then it truly is just about me, my experience, how to best, in all my tight and non-gracefullness too. 

HERE is a great place to start. It's got beginner sequences that are lead by experienced instructors. There are also some intermediate ones as well if you have a bit more experience. 

I'm also always willing to work something out with you if you want me to create something for individualized for you. Actually, I'd love it:). 

Jordan H HuntingtonComment