Current Obsession = Nut Butters

I, dear friends, am a snacker.

Nuts and seeds are the BEST snacks. They are full of good fats and protein, so they are filling. But, it's mostly their satiating crunch factor that makes them most appealing to me. 

Currently, I like to eat all things with almond butter, cashew butter, sunflower seed butter, etc. It's very serious that I have successfully converted many a client and friend to veggie and fruit snacking with the help of nut butters. Carrots and celery...? Nah. But carrots dipped in honey roasted almond butter, or strawberries in homemade nutella? Yes please!

 I have been struggling to find just the right recipe to create the consistencies I like. I found a delightful source, thought I'd share:). Click HERE for more info