Just Like Me

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"Allow the person next to you to be whoever they need to be in this moment." I heard this in my yoga practice yesterday, and it resonated with me. How often am I struggling to allow myself to just 'be' because I'm not allowing the people around me to be whoever they are in that moment? What sort of expectation do I put on the people around me, strangers and friends alike? That expectation then creating a silent yet tangible measuring stick, insecurity based judgement on each other. It creates expectation, competition, and disconnect. 

I love this meditation. Thinking of someone you are struggling with, then think of the things that are bothering you and attaching "just like me." Then doing the same for their positive attributes. It truly has helped me, this mantra just like me. We are each other. The good days, the bad, the weak, the energized. I TOO often forget that the people around me are my mirrors. 

A challenge to our social/emotional wellness to hold space for each other, especially for those whom we feel most taxed and troubled. It's been pretty eye-opening for me personally. I can be such a competitive, judgmental dufus sometimes. 

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