Smoothie Funk Phenomenon - Exhibit B

I'm still riding that smoothie train. Bear with me homies. 

I was recently at my mother's place in southern Utah. When I'm there, eating delicious, fresh-from-the-garden produce and making the world's most tasty and healthy smoothies is easy as 'mother may I.' She has all the best ingredients, a great blender, and inspiring seasonal produce that makes me feel all inspired and crap. 

Point being: I'm spoiled. It's what going home is for, right?

I realized, one of the many things I LOVE about getting all those nutrients into one, delicious and nutritious smoothie bev, is that she has introduced me to the smoothie bag. I wish I had a neater name for it. I don't. I graduated, thus my brain is mush and I apologize to no one (except my poor posterity who will inherit my incomprehensible journals). 

Yes! Smoothie bags are the BEST things to hit my life since that meal prep thang and dried figs

Especially right now, when there's an abundant amount of seasonal fruits and veggies in season (not to mention cheaper than on the reg), it's such a good idea to use some of that goodness and make a ready-to-blend smoothie kit. 

My pictures of my smoothie bags turned out horrendous, so I'm snagging some from my friend over at Simple Green Smoothies. Thanks for sharing your photographic talent ladies, and your slightly eccentric passion for smoothies. I understand your fight. Solidarity psychos, solidarity. ps, they have great recipes. Totally use their shit. 

Firstly, get all your crap out. Get some spinach or another type of green. For the smoothie bags, I don't recommend going crazy on the veggies. They don't freeze as well. Spinach, Kale, and sometimes Arugula freeze pretty darn dapper. 

I prefer to use Ziplock bags, but jars are great too. I like to make the smoothie kits with things I ALWAYS like in my smoothies - pineapple, banana, berries, spinach. That way, when different things are in season I can add them, in addition with other veggies (carrots, beets, avocados, cucumber, etc), and still have the smoothie kit to make it a no-brainer winner. 

Make sure if you are using baggies to get ALL the air out. I know that's a problem insanely logical and common sensical, but my dear, patient mother had to remind me about 9 thousand times. God bless that saint of a lady. 

I make 6-10 bags and they last quite a while. One ziplock usually lasts me two smoothie rounds. 

Stick them in the freezer and voila! You have instant smoothies ready for the blender. Not only are they delicious and healthy, but they are cold, so no added ice needed - which ultimately ruins your blender blade faster.