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So often I wake up and the first person to greet me is this total biotch chick. There's this girl who, I'm not sure why, really dislikes me. She calls me names, really digs at my weakest insecurities, and all in all just doesn't think I'm worth a damn. And I mean, she REALLY knows how to hurt me best. I bring her with me all the time. It's so weird that I invite this B-word, that HATES me with me.

That girl is me. But not the true me, it's the anxious, mind warped voice inside of me that sometimes I mistake for the real me. 

So, in order for me to go about my day with the real me, a gal I tend to think is pretty great, I need to get the biotch out of my bed and come back to self. I do this using my Sadhana. 


This Sanskrit word has a myriad of varying translations, but basically it means 'Daily Personal Practice.' To me, this is about taking time to acknowledge the busyness and 'never enough' thinking is not the real me. For me, it's a moment of stillness, an opportunity to be instead of do. There is a significant difference to my day depending on if I practiced my Sadhana or not.

Mine includes moving with intention and breath, (usually using a mantra or intention as I move) sitting in stillness, writing in my journal with no agenda, and reading something that connects me to myself.

I'm going to include more of what a Sadhana could include and some footage of mine very soon. For now, here are some of the books I'm using to reel the mind back into perspective and connection each day:

  • On Living: I can't rave about this book enough. It has given me such a beautiful, approachable, non-cheesy perspective on death and living life fully. Highly Recommend
  • Reduced to Joy: Just read the introduction paragraph and you'll be hooked
  • Mary Oliver - New and Selected Poems Volume 1 - She's a goddess that made me believe in poetry. 
  • In the Body of the World - Author of the vagina monolugues has done it again. I'm overwhelmed with perspective and compassion. She sparks something in me. 

I encourage you to start investigating what your Sadhana might be. Use mine if you need a jumping off point☺️.


Photos taken by  Brave Forest Creative  

Photos taken by Brave Forest Creative 

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