Enter YOUR Space

Continuing our conversation on Sadhana: daily personal practice.

This is such a sacred space for me. There are no statues, no incense, no chanting or a mystic nature soundtrack. There are other people around, a soft buzz of computer typing, angsty homework sighs, and giggly attempts at Italian language lessons. The coffee shop up the road. It's my current perfect recipe for one aspect of my daily Sadhana. 

I've worked in a myriad of different health and wellness spheres - gyms, corporate wellness, labs, classrooms, people's homes, wilderness retreats, etc. They all are 'successful,' depending on your definition. Any momentum towards bettering yourself and creating more awareness of self is a success. However, the MOST successful experiences, and what has guided me to my current occupation/work space, are when people exit their normal space, their roles, the many hats they wear, and ENTER sacred space.

This doesn't have to be an ashram in India or a zen Buddhist temple in Nepal. It merely means creating a place, in your home even, that is separate, away from all the otherness that is not you. Particularly for the writing and reading portion of my Sadhana, I find that a separate location, a connection to people without losing focus of self is most useful for me.  (refer HERE for some of the books I'm currently utilizing for inspiration and connection). 

I have realized it is all that is required: an invitation. An invitation, permission for us to exit the 'doing' and constant 'running behind' - to enter a space where we are allowed to sit with ourself and be safe there. Of course it's scary to be present with all the crap in our head, of course it's 70000 times scarier to do it in the same space where we are mom, employee, friend, son, spouse, etc. All of those roles demand a performance, and the places we perform require our attention to that production. But, when it's just you with you, I PROMISE it's not as scary. Even when it is uncomfortable, the safe space holds you in, like a hug and a commitment to stay with you until the pain has told you what it needs to say. 

So, even if your safe space is at your home, EXIT your normal routine - make an alter, change your clothes, make it a room where no other 'work' of your daily life is done. It's a sacred space, where you go to be completely, bravely, unapologetically you. It can be and look HOWEVER you want it to. Create the space, accept the invitation. 

And that's what The Little Wellness Place really is. It's merely a blatant invitation to be uncomfortable with all of the support, safety, and love a small little room can muster. I hold you, the work of vulnerable and brave people that have broken down in that same space hold you, and the promise that it's going nowhere holds you. That's the only reason we're here, really..... to be a safe space and to hold each other

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