My Women of Wellness

I know everyone is biased towards their 'tribe' of humans.....but, I need to share my people with you. It feels too selfish to keep them to myself. Whenever I have a 'ladies night,' I come home reeling from both awe and intimidation at how insanely smart and talented my friends are. Like, who even invited me to this party?! So I just eat all the food, make bad jokes and pray they just keep talking so I can gather up all of their wisdom before they notice I'm there ;).  

I've always wanted to be the type of badass-beyonce-business-badass who, if I couldn't find the solution, would have the connections to know of the beyonce-business-badass who would have the answer. These are some of my closest friends, and, as luck would have it, some of the most talented wellness professionals I have ever met. 

Amanda Valenti: Chinese Medicine Goddess

Amanda has completely revolutionized my perspective on health and the body. No joke. I don't ice anything anymore...which may not seem like a big deal, but coming from a western sports medicine background, R.I.C.E was my life. She is not only gifted and very obviously doing what she was meant to, but she is one of the most likable people on the planet. You immediately feel comfortable with her, which allows her to intuitively heal all of your guts, groans, and gizzards. I'm a huge believer in acupuncture and all of Chinese Medicine because of her. Try it. 

Bre Dumke: Gyrotonics Pilates and Overall Biomechanic Body-Healing Wizard

Look at how adorable she is! It's stupid. Legitimately, Bre is on a pedestal with me. I don't know how to take her off of it. She is so smart, I'm both intimidated and infatuated with her. If I want to know ANYTHING about how the body is working or possibly what could be functionally 'off,' I ask Bre. I think I've sent every single client I have to her. She has the answers. If you have an injury or even just want to know how to help your body move more functionally sound, Bre is the wizard for the job. 

Carrie Cooper: Physical Therapist/Pilates Matriarch

I use the word matriarch because I think Carrie has the rare ability to both be honest and comforting at the same time. She doesn't sugarcoat, but she also holds this happy, safe space around her at all times. She has been doing this whole 'heal the body' business for a while now an she knows her sh*t! The thing I like most about Carrie is I've never seen her jump to a response. She contemplates, asks questions, observes, asks more questions and THEN she acts. She has so much wisdom and forethought. It's probably why she's usually right. 

Katy Scott Martin: Nutritional Physical Therapist - Yup, it's as cool as it sounds. 

If you've never heard about Nutritional Therapy, you're not alone. I hadn't really heard of it either. Katy came into my life about a year ago. She is the most naturally graceful people I've ever met. She is teaching me daily how to be vulnerable and empower other practitioners. She's the very best at it, I think. She is healing my gut with her wisdom and her ability to pause before she responds and really listen. I don't think I know of another person that sees the whole person as well as Katy does in her evaluation. She's given me such amazing tools to heal myself with food and how to quit hurting myself with food as well. You need to just hang out with her. You'll feel better even just after a conversation, yet alone a full session!

Eva Whitmore: Applied Kinesiologist - I have never met someone this smart. I don't deserve her...but I have her. I owe the universe BIG.

You may just need to see what this gal does to believe it. I was such a skeptical weenie at first. "Prove it to me," I said, "this is hogwash," I murmured. What a naive, ignorant turd I was. 

Eva...well, I can't really think of a single thing Eva couldn't help with, when it comes to health. She asks your body questions. She uses foods, elements, minerals, and all other sorts of things to see what your body is responding positively and negatively to. She found out things that my body needed/needed to avoid in 20 minutes. It's taken me 20+ years to figure out and have doctors tell me some of this stuff! She found all of it, and more. If you are genuinely serious about finally feeling better, she is worth the investment. Scouts honor. 

If you have any questions about any of these gals, click on the link on their name or I am GLADLY willing to aid in finding the perfect practitioner/s for you. 

Business Beyonce Badass on, dear friends :)

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