We're Hiring!!

Me and this gal, we love each other. We built The Little Wellness Place with this freak notion that we could create a place where people could come to get well-rounded, holistic, practical, and empathetic care. We wanted to have a place that hugged you when you walked in and allowed you to feel accepted fully, without exception. We wanted to spread the message that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN. You have nothing needing to be fixed. However, there are some useful tools to help you feel more and more well. We just want to help impart some of the tools that work for us. 

Ok, here's the exciting news.... We are ready to bring on another partner in this journey. If you think you or someone you know fits into this wonderful little home of health and wholeness we’ve built in downtown SLC, we would love to hear from you. Contact either myself OR contact Amanda.

Rachelle BallardComment