Add My Effort - May I Always Be a Small-Town Practitioner

I just got back from a quick trip back home to see my lifetime doctor, Mel Carter. He delivered me and has seen to every cut, bruise, broken bone, and weird freak out my body has had since that day. I am overwhelmed with the attention, care, and constant awareness this health practitioner/second father demonstrates. He treats me over the phone regularly in the middle of his insanely packed days. He is the type of small-town doctor that doesn’t exist anymore. He has made more house calls to me than I can count. He remembers every one of my body’s particularities (and believe me, there are a lot). He spent 4+ hours with me, learning about my life, asking questions, evaluating and diagnosing my body better than 3 E.R. doctors and specialists could. That’s it, he listens, he deeply cares about me, and he takes the time. He cries when I’m hurting, he came to my basketball games, he fights for my health in other healthcare institutions. The thought of Mel could make me smile cry at any moment, he’s such a safe place for me. And he is that for an entire town, basically!

It’s making me realize what type of wellness practitioner I want to be. I want to listen. I want to make sure people feel like I think about them (which I do), when they aren’t with me. I care so deeply about my clients, it honestly hurts my insides when I think of how much I love them. I want to add my effort to anyone that enters my door, my WHOLE effort. I want to be the small-town practitioner in the big, bad city. Thank you, Mel and my adorable home, for reminding me what a safe place really feels like. 
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