My Wellness Spokes to Work On

Some aspects of my wellness I want/need to work on:
•Finances – I want to embrace the fact that money is an energy and a relationship. Thus far in my life, I’ve treated it like something dirty and with an ‘ignorance is bliss’ mentality. I’ve realized sad that is. I want to have a loving ownership over my relationship/energy with money. Especially as a female, I see this as a big, necessary step in my wellness.

•Sunscreen….really any sort of skin care. Guys, I just started moisturizing my face each day. I’m 28 years-old. My sister Melissa is mortified by this fact daily. I’m pretty sure it contributes to her insomnia;). I want to really try this year to love the biggest organ of my body, the protector of my innards, and this amazing regulator/healer known as ‘skin.’ Here’s to working on it! Any helpful tips or products are welcomed! Also, how cute is it that the sunscreen I purchased is called MyChelle….fate? I think yes.

•Restorative Yoga – The eye pillow and zafu cushion represent giving myself the same treatment I am so often giving to clients. I love restorative yoga, not just because it feels good to my body, but because of the psychological/emotional effect I notice when I am gentle and nice to myself. Here’s to practicing what I preach!