Songs Worth Movin' To

Ok, this one is a winner...

I've created a playlist for success. Grab a mat and a set of light weights (anything in the house that weighs 3-7 lbs will work too). 

Every song has a workout associated with a word in that song. 

Warm up - Sun Salutations - 5 minutes

Every time you hear the name 'Roxanne' you do a BURPEE. Every time you hear the words 'Red Light' you do a SQUAT.

The song on this video does not start till like 1:30, btw. Begin in PLANK POSE - every time you hear the word 'Gone' do a PUSH UP. Whenever you hear the word 'Miss'  (as in 'miss me') roll onto your back and do a CRUNCH

Begin standing with your arms holding a very light weight (or not weight at all), both arms at a 90 degree angle (the girl on the right). This is a shoulder intense one, so drop your arms when you have to, then bring them back up to 90. 

Each time you hear the words 'Push it' do a PUSH PRESS.

Begin in BRIDGE POSE. Hold the bridge until you hear the chorus (first chorus is at 0:42, for reference) - at the chorus, flip over to a PLANK and move into MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. Then come back onto your back into a BRIDGE pose until the next chorus. 

Then just find any ol' song and DANCE YOUR PANTS OFF. I recommend this one:

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