Overnight Oats

This is me when I don't want to wake up in the morning, but then I remember I have overnight oats 

One of my dear, sweet clients introduced me to my new best friend, the overnight oats, and I am forever in her debt. I think it is the most delicious, filling, nutritious and EASY breakfast option. I love it. 



Here's how you do it:

1/2 C. oats (Quaker Oats) or use 1/3 C. for Bobs natural oats

1 C. almond milk - or whatever milk you choose....I hugely recommend almond milk

1 Tbsp. chia seeds

1/2 banana or whatever other fruit you want. I'm a huge fan of the banana and frozen mango combo right now. Frozen fruit is a good option because it is thawed perfectly in the fridge by morning. 

I use 16 oz mason jars and they work perfectly. You can experiment and try your own. Add peanut butter, different fruit, nuts, etc. Some people prefer more milk and others like it a bit meatier with more oats. Totally up to you:)

Just add everything into the jar, seal it with a lid and enjoy the goodness in the morning. Mine usually lasts me as a meal/snack for most of the morning until the afternoon. 



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