Yoga Breathing

We're taking it a step further!

ujaii photo 1.jpg

Ujaii, or the yogic breath, is a specific style of breathing that slows the breath waaaaaay down, makes your body and mind more calm, and allows you to function in a more homeostatic state.

I learned this breath way too late in my yoga experience, but once I learned it, it changed everything. It made yoga and movement/exercise in general infinitely better. It also allowed me to notice pain versus sensation, (a huge realization of differences for me) and it allowed me to stay mindful in whatever movement I was doing, which is essential in injury prevention. 

Hopefully this video helps! I seriously recommend doing this type of breathing any time, all the time. Stressed at work? Anxious about a flight? About to kill your children? Getting a tattoo? Slow your breath down and breathe like the ocean. I promise it helps. Scouts honor (from a non-scout who desperately always wanted to be one growing up;) ). 

Check out a more detailed explanation on SWOOB's blog, also some info on where to get the cute outfit used here:).